Getting back

Getting back here hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to try hard to break the lethargy. It is amazing how mostly useless things are more comfortable to us. I don’t want to write about how my life has been busy because it isn’t, or how I am facing a block because I am not. But there sure is no longing for those things that there used to be. Life changes, I have changed and my thoughts are as usual confused and gotten me out of control more often. I however, have learnt to rein control over myself, my mind and emotions. Being emotional is so easy, it’s natural and good too. However, if it is always about the same thing and the same emotion, it gets a little boring after a certain point.
Oh, I digress. I am writing again, so to say. And I want to write more often than I think I can. Because I think I do everything which makes me feel superbusy, whereas I am not. One can always take time out for things one really wants to do. I somehow find time to have a bath, eat and sleep, so there!
Here I am attempting to write about my travels, treks and adventures in the kitchen. Three of my passions. It is not my daily diary or logbook where I record the occurances or specialities of the day. And I call myself a Wanderer.


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