Atop Kuduremukha followed by a small trip

Mission successfully accomplished last weekend (yesterday and day before).

First thing, Kuduremukha is the longest and toughest trek I’ve done till now. Quite proud to say I did 27 kms in one day.

Half of it was pretty easy, half was quite steep and I was scared of falling while climbing down. Patches of forests in between won’t help if you start climbing down late, it becomes dark as soon as 5pm.

Key is to start early as it takes around 3 hrs to climb down. I put a brave face and started down with a friend and sans the guide and the dark forest gave me creeps. But spotted a chipmunk (YAY!). But S who started later spotted a Sambar deer :-/

We climbed uphill in 4 hrs. Quite a big feat don’t you think? We had a well deserving camp fire dinner after running a hot bath. I saw so many stars when I looked up. Wonder where they disappear in Blr. It was !@#$%^&* cold and I would’ve frozen if not for the sleeping bags so kindly carried by S.

The next day was planned well but poorly executed. We were late by few minutes to catch the scheduled bus to Horanadu. Ended up taking the next bus an hour late and reached there only by lunch time. After a quick darshana (never forget to notice how beautiful Annapoorneshwari looks) and lunch we waited for the bus to take us to Sringeri. The journey lasted for almost 3 hrs. Sringeri as usual reminds me of HUGE fishes in the river. This time we saw a water snake too as a bonus.

Crowds thronging both places kinda put me off. Reminded myself to do this stretch during off-season.

All in all pretty decent trip. Even good considering the fulfilling trek and finding out that Kuduremukha does actually look like Horse’s face. And no leeches. Yes, NONE!

Some details for trekkers:
– This region is a National park and Tiger reserve. Needs permission before entering.
– No overnight camping over the peak as instructed by our guides.
– Wild life can be spotted early in the morning and in evening. Guides promised us there are plenty.
– Be silent to spot wild life. Added benefit is you’ll conserve your energy.
– Expect loads of leeches during moist season. No leeches now.
– Carry fruits like oranges and apples which are easy to eat on the way.
– Water is available throughout the trail (small streams)
– Carry glucose or Tang for instant energy.
– Please don’t litter. Don’t carry breakable bottles. Carry plastic covers in which you can gather your garbage and dispose properly.

Next up is KemmaNNaguNdi. Aufwiedersehen.


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