Mishap on Ombattu Gudda trek

“A student from BMS college drowned in the falls while on a trek to Ombhattu Gudda with his friends.”
I’m sure by now all the trekking world knows the news. However, I don’t want to write about how it happened. The media has hyped a lot about how there were girls too in the trek (as if its a bad thing) and how the forest was infested with wild animals.
While I feel terribly sorry for the boy and his family, I also feel angry at their stupidity. Ofcourse this could happen to anybody anywhere. But when it happens at a tourist spot it is a different thing. When you deliberately go into a forest and get into wild waters, it’s not a joke.

I’ve made the first line bold so it serves as a warning to the amateurs who would want to venture out there for fun. Trust me S has been there and it’s the toughest trek in Karnataka. There is no trail for most of the way and the chances of getting lost are just too many. Forest is humid and houses lakhs and crores of leeches. There are bushes and trees everywhere and some trails can be misleading. Can’t get out without a guide/map/compass/GPS. These details have easily put off S from including me in this trek. But I guess the word ‘trek’ has become a fad these days and every other person thinks they can do it, even if they don’t know what it is. I feel sorry.

A little note of request/s from me or rather from all the passionate trekkers.

1. Please refrain from doing something you don’t have much idea about.
2. Please consult experienced people before planning treks.
3. Please hire an experienced guide, he might cost more but he also knows what he’s doing.
4. Don’t monkey around when you’re on a trek. You are out of civilized world and in the wild territory.
5. Pay attention to nature and your surroundings.
6. Refrain from infringing the wild life with loud shouts and music.
7. Please consider the word of caution as seriously as possible.
8. Always prepare for the worst.

Hope the boy’s soul rest in peace.

Update: Post by Poorna Prajna on the same. Also few more pointers


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