Bababudangiri to Kemmangundi trek pics

Its coming late, however, its not like someone is waiting for me to post. I’m essentially recording my trips so I have something to look back and smile in my old age. That sounds like a plan 🙂

And the credit for all snaps uploaded until now goes to ‘S’. Please refrain from copying or using it without written consent from me.

Also here you can find the links for the trek details:




So here I go.

Marching on - The beginning of the long walk

Spot the trail on the mountains

The shot taken from our campsite late in the evening

Stream at the campsite

On our way to the British bungalow

The British bungalow from a distance

Climbind down and on our way to Kemmangundi

The steep climb down to reach K-gundi

Sculpture at the park after climbing down where we got some fresh water to cleanup


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