Why I can’t not travel

Some people can’t be alone and some people can only be alone, some people like staying at home watching TV or meeting friends in a mall or something for a party. We all have our reasons to do what we do. It mainly being, our like or dislike for something. That is the first reason for me not to stay at home all the time. Because I don’t like it. But it used to be a lot different earlier.

Flashback to my earlier days (say when I was in college). I loved being left to my own devices. I was mostly found with a book, reading or with a notepad and pencil in hand, sketching. I didn’t like meeting people (grownups to be specific) though I liked making friends at college I was not so conversative with others my age I met outside of class. To be brief, I didn’t have many options to spend my time and I made do with what I had at hand. Even in the so called parties and gatherings I used to grab a magazine and read cover to cover just for something to do to keep from talking mundane to others. I was simply not interested in gossip and no constructive conversation happens at such places.

If I come to think of it, I never once felt the need to just get out of the house and take a walk. That was how I was conditioned and being a small south Indian town, my place didn’t offer much avenues there either. And if I did it, I’d probably become talk of the town, me being a girl and all. Not that I cared, but my parents sure did. 😛

Flash forward to now.
If I stay at Bangalore for more than 3 weekends in a row, I’m sure to feel stuck and irritated, like I’m caged. Too bad for a free-souled (ha! a new word). On second thoughts, I might have got that from S. Can travelling be contagious?
The idea of packing my bags and seeing a new place excites me. It is the ‘unknown’ that does the magic. How the experience of the same journey is different everytime tickles me, opening my mind for the games of snakelike paths.

Also scientifically, the more energy we expend in trekking/running/exercising, the more is the production of endorphins and adrenaline. They simply make you feel good and happy. Yes, despite all those sore muscles. So everytime I get back from a travel or trek, however short it might be, I am rejuvinated. Though I feel tired, there is a new found shine on my face and twinkle in my eyes. I acquire the zeal to go through life, like every day is new and the power of being able see things in a new light. It is so good it’s almost philosophical.

So yes, thats why I can’t not be on the road. If you are reading this, do drop in your thoughts. Why can’t you not be on the road?


4 thoughts on “Why I can’t not travel

  1. more than trekking, I love travelling – to explore new places – thats what makes me happy!
    It could even be a new coffee shop that I’ve discovered! 🙂
    The excitement in visiting, exploring new places keeps me happy.

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