The majestic Savandurga monolith

I have done quite a few treks and trips before starting this blog. Those memories are fresh as ever in my mind. Since I won’t be doing much travelling until May, I thought, why not record the past here to relive the days I spent seeing new places or tiring myself out with a trek. This will be a series of posts in which I shall write about my past experiences on the road.

I’ll go back to my Savandurga climb, in this post. Sadly I am not able to find the pictures as I formatted my laptop a while ago. I shall upload them once I find them.

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Savandurga is a monolith, considered one of the largest in Asia. With a height of 1226m above sea level, it is pretty huge and intimidating for a first timer. I have climbed it twice until now, and each time have had the feeling of having climbed to the top of the world. It was so exhilarating. And the fact that I haven’t climbed any other monoliths makes it special to me.

We hired a vehicle to reach the base, where there is a temple. I didn’t visit the temple though. I was more excited to crane my neck and see the huge rock in front of me. It is convenient to have a vehicle at your disposal as I’m not sure about the frequency of buses.

The first time I climbed it, we arrived late and by the time we reached the top it was past lunch time. But we couldn’t care less. I couldn’t care less. The feeling of having won the world and standing right now on top of it had crept into my mind. Endorphins do that to you, don’t they? To say that we were all exhilarated would be an understatement. It was pure bliss to sit at the mantapa and stare at the vast world behind me. I tend to get a tad philosophical at those times, where I get to be one with the nature. And I did have a quick introspection at that moment.

It was adventurous to sit on a rock that extends to form a sitting surface but a dangerous one. Sadly we had to start back, as it was getting cloudy and the sun started moving fast towards the west. We had our packed lunch near a tree.

We met barefoot village climbers both while climbing up and down. Now when the sun was going down, people who saw us still having lunch casually told us that it is a Bear territory and they come for a stroll during twilight. At first we took it lightly. We might have been fooled by the adrenaline rush that we still were in. Once we started climbing it soon became overcast and started to rain when we were still midway. It was so heavy we couldn’t move forward. The rock became slippery with the flowing water and we had no cover (its a rock remember!) We stood wherever we were and some took shelter under small rock projections but we all were aware that we soon had to reach the base. My heart started thudding with all the stories that the locals had told us. And we kind of lost the route to climbing down and that delayed us.

However, there was one villager who had became friendly with the boys and was talking to them and accompanying us. It is he who showed us the way back. When we finally reached the ground, we were soaking wet and terribly cold. We hadn’t anticipated the rain so no change of clothes. So the same clothes for travel it had to be. Thankfully Savandurga is quite nearby to Bangalore and we were a big group so we managed to have fun while shivering.

I would never forget the feeling my first climb gave me. I hadn’t done any treks before this. And now that I knew how it felt I knew what I would be doing in my free time.

I have done a second climb with another set of friends. We had been to the Big Banyan tree on the way and post climb stopped at a small lake where the guys took a dip in chilling water. Needless to mention that I loved this climb too. And would love it however many times I do it.


4 thoughts on “The majestic Savandurga monolith

  1. Being a trekking enthusiast, I’m glad that I found your blog. Strangely though, I’d come here once long before you visited my blog. I was hopping from blog to blog while trying to find information on Sakleshpura and Kumaraparvata then. πŸ™‚

    Never climbed a monolith so far. Savanadurga seems very interesting.
    Seriously, trekking is addictive. Now I get from your blog that there are so many places to cover. Off to check the archives.
    Write more. Great info. Beautiful photographs. Happy trekking. πŸ™‚
    – Eloquence Redefined (

    • Thanks for visiting Karthik and for saying such nice things. Yes trekking is addictive and I’m still a starter. There is so much to see and discover that I wonder how people can waste their precious weekends.
      Do Savandurga if you still haven’t, simply a different experience to climb a rock. Do post your own trek stories too and ofcourse be around to read more of mine.

      • Actually I have written about Kodachadri, but in the form of a story – a thriller. Do read ‘Mood Swings of a Seductress’ if possible.
        Warning: It’s pretty long (like all my stories are) πŸ™‚
        And, Happy Ugadi (just in case you are celebrating)!

      • Oh yes I did celebrate. That is why reply is coming so late. Thanks πŸ™‚
        Sure will checkout the post whenever I’m free.

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