Why are we hurting those who are helping us save our ecology?

Read in the newspaper yesterday about the murder of Forest Office of Dandeli. Why? Because he was doing his job and asked the visitors not to feed the crocs. Which, we all can understand is quite sensible. He might have never thought it would cost his life. And what more, the Police department is still unable to bring the murderers to justice. Such a horrific thing happening in broad daylight and the people who broke law are not arrested depicts the sad state of affairs.

Here is the link to the Deccan Herald report on the protest of people of Dandeli for justice for the dead officer’s family.

And I think we need a follow up of what happens to the perpetrators, if they are caught and brought to justice, and if yes, what punishment did they get. Who were they and why they did what they did? I hope media will do a follow up and report this out.

Disgusted by this continued neglect of the authorities towards bringing the murderers to punishment and provide justice to the victims. I strongly feel that the Police Dept. should do act now to save the respect people have on them.

Here is a FB link.

Updated: On an unrelated note, I remembered the petition to save Hesarghatta grasslands. I urge you to please sign the petition. Check my post for more info. We need to start protecting and preserving whatever we have right now, for our children to be able to see the animals and birds we did.


2 thoughts on “Why are we hurting those who are helping us save our ecology?

  1. Concern department should stop such activities in Kali valley. I don’t know what enjoyment people will get to doing such staffs. And also I wondered these days’ people don’t hesitate to murder anyone for any reason…and also our department and government also protecting them from their best. It seems people are more busy wit making money, for them no value for love, life and nature…

    • There are always moronic people who think they are the kings of the world and can do as they please. Concerned authorities should act soon. Now a CID probe has been ordered. I don’t know what is there to find out. They beat him up, he died and they should now be punished. As simple as that.

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