Monsoon trip continued – Part II

And so after a lot of procrastinating I sat to write and finish the trip details at once. I am not good at writing posts in parts, I simply feel that there won’t be enough continuity. Or the break that I take in between the parts make it difficult to get continuity. Sorry for the long break; will try and avoid it.

Kukke Subramanya – Bisle – Sakleshpur (Manjrabad fort) – Hassan

Date: 16 Aug

After reaching Kukke Subramanya, we walked around a bit searching for lodges maintained by the temple. All of them were full. Only private lodges were available. Our friend wanted to eat churmuri and bhajjis which we bought from a shop nearby. We asked the bhajji guy for assistance regarding our lodging. He suggested a homestay a kilometer away, which we found was pretty good and hygenic. There were two rooms and we took both. It cost us 450 Rs per room.

After freshening up a bit, we went for God Subramanya’s darshana. It started to drizzle, so I and S opened our newly bought rain jackets to walk to the temple. We stopped on the way and enquired to hire jeep for the next day’s journey. The guy agreed for 2000 rupees to take us through Bisile ghat and drop us at Sakleshpur. Had tasty dinner at the temple dasoha and walked back to the room. We sat around and talked for a while before going to sleep. Woke up nice and early to the chirping of birds. The arecanut trees in the background were providing beautiful green view. It was a little cold, which was much to our liking.

We had to fill hot water from a tumbler/bindige. It made me nostalgic of the days at my home where I used to fill water from a bindige (kannada for a big round tumbler/container used to fill water). Had breakfast at a hotel near the temple, topping it with filter coffee. We met the jeep guy and started our journey towards Bisile.

The road was really bad. Only jeeps could tread that road and hence the humongous amount we paid to hire one. There were not many vehicles for the same reason. However, the journey was lovely. We talked, made jokes and enjoyed the lovely green surroundings. En-route was a temple, where we ourselves could do the puja. A small spring nearby where cold water was flowing. I felt like I could just live there.

Chamundeshwari temple

Small spring near the temple

A beautiful and roaring river en-route

We reached Bisile beauty spot at 12pm. The view from the view point is simple breathtaking. We can see water flowing in the distance. And the beauty of mountain ranges of Western ghats need no description We stood there for a while, took pictures. Came back and sat down on the benches and talked.

Gate to the bisile beauty spot

View from Bisile beauty spot

Next stop – Manjarabad fort. We stopped at the junction on NH 48 and had to walk for about half a kilometer up to the fort. Boys had some fun jumping around and trying to click the jump. Trivia: this fort is pretty famous as a popular shooting spot for Kannada movies. Tippu Sultan has got this fort constructed and it is in star shape. The shape is not readily visible as it is in dilapated state. But we got to see the star shape in a picture kept at the shop at the junction. We had tea and eatables at the shop and started towards Sakleshpur bus stand.

Entrance to Manjarabad fort

Boys having fun

View of the fort

We saw a new and pretty decent hotel before we reached bus stand so we bid good bye to our Jeep guy there. We filled our stomachs and walked towards the bus stand, which was about a kilometer away from the hotel. A bus going towards Bangalore was ready, so we grabbed our seats. I and S took tickets for Hassan and rest of the gang travelled to Bangalore.

Reached Hassan at 6pm and simply crashed for the day. It was a wonderful and memorable journey through the ghats. We reminisced all that we did and saw photographs over and again. That said I don’t think I’ll do the train journey again, just because I hate crowd and I hate loud crowd even more. I prayed to Lord Subramanya to give our people more commonsense.

Next up: Hassan – Belur – Chikmagalur – Hornad – Sringeri


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