5 best places to eat and drink at Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay Travel

Apollo Bay is a very small coastal town on the Great Ocean road and a perfect place to act as a base to explore the Great Ocean Road. The twelve apostles is a little more than an hours drive from here so visiting it both in the morning and in the evening becomes convenient.

Apollo Bay is also famous for a lot of its eateries. Here are some of our finds that were actually chance finds than the result of a serious research as we had decided not look anything up. We just knew the place was amazing and we would work with that.

Sandy feet cafe

The little nondescript looking cafe, facing the beach that served us lip-smacking vegetarian burger and vegetarian lasagna. We loved it so much that we wanted to try other vegetarian offerings they have the next day, sadly it was closed. It was Christmas Day. Yea, go ahead call us stupid. Waiting to go back to try more.

George’s takeaway

Since we missed Sandy Feet, we went looking for any restaurant that would serve vegetarian options and discovered to our dismay that a lot of the shops on the shopping stretch were closed. George’s was open and boy was there a crowd. We finally got our vegetarian pizza after a bit of a wait. We crossed the road and walked just a little bit to climb the crest overlooking the playground and dug into the pizza.

We honestly had no expectations and were just happy we could find food. But we were pleasantly surprised as we took a bite. It was delicious. Next time we are at Apollo Bay, we’re definitely eating here.

George’s is actually a huge eat-in place that serves different cuisines (fastfood), pizza is one of them.

Craft beer at Great Ocean Road Brewhouse

The building of the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse looked inviting and there is a taste house at the back. Yum. So we came back in the evening and had a craft beer in the sitting area. I am not a beer person. My hate for beer stems from the awful strong smell that most carry. I tasted this one and I quote my own self “this beer is so good, it doesn’t taste like beer at all.” Yep I liked it. And next time we are in town, I’ll make sure to pick a crate.

We did try veggie burgers and garlic bread while we were there. Though the garlic bread was good, the burger left much to be desired. We couldn’t try anything the “Taste Of The Region” because it was closed. Gives us a reason to go to Apollo Bay again.

The Icecream Tub

Amazing ice cream. Period. What else do you say about ice creams? It was on our way as we leisurely strolled through the stretch of shops; it was a hot day; so we stopped for some. I should mention the crowd outside the shop that made us go for it. They have got lots of awards too, if such things interest you.

Koala cafe

The cafe is located at Kennet River, on the way from Lorne to Apollo Bay and was our quick pit stop. We knew neither about the cafe nor that we could watch Koalas nearby.

As we were passing by the cafe, we heard loud bird racket and saw many tourist buses, vans and cars parked nearby, so we stopped to see what it was. Sure enough a group of people were interspersed with a rather large group of different species of colorful parrots and ducks (with ducklings). They were merrily feeding on the seeds that the people held in their hands. We also noticed a sleeping Koala on a nearby tree which didn’t look bothered by the ruckus. We walked a bit on the dirt road and spotted more Koalas. This was our first Koala sighting in natural habitat so we were visibly ecstatic.

After the brief walk, we went to the Koala Cafe and were greeted by the smiling staff. We ordered thick-shakes (different from milkshakes) that were absolutely yummy, even for grown ups.

Note: Even though we are vegetarians and can express our opinion accordingly, a quick search on  will push you to give them a try. So I’d say, go try them regardless of your food priorities.

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