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writer . traveller . dreamer . techie . book lover

I love new places and experiences. My desire to do treks/hikes/bush-walking stems from my love for nature, fresh air, rain, fragrance of the wet soil, wild flowers,view from up a mountain; the list goes on. I love adventure. The high of adrenaline pumping through my system is a feeling that doesn’t come close to much else. My dreams include but are not limited to, riding motorbikes, bungee jump, sky diving and para-gliding and of course travelling the world.

My Treks And Travels is where I write about my travels, adventures and my tips on travel.

Find out more about me and my life at Coffee Time Conversations.

Pictures and copyright:

All the pictures on this blog belong to me unless otherwise specified (credited). I also use pictures from internet that are free of attribution. All content is original and written by me, unless otherwise specified. Please refrain from using the pictures or content without my consent.


All business enquiries : bkanchann[at]gmail[dot]com

For any other enquiry : speakintangent[at]gmail[dot]com

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