My latest trek/travel buys

I visited Decathlon store (Bannerghatta road) and bought two very important things. I must say something about the store itself. It has a lot of room and people can do trials of bicycles, skates and just about anything. It has a wide variety of travel, sports and trekking stuff, which is why it attracted us. Definitely looking forward to buy some more stuff here.

I didn’t own a trekking backpack, so I had to buy one. I found one in green which is wonderfully done with padding at the right places to ease the weight and pouches for utility stuff. It has a vertical zip through which I can search through the bag. It also has holders for sleeping mat and bag. I guess I can also carry a tent, however, the chances are slim. Tents are pretty heavy and I leave it to S to carry it for both of us. This green 50L bug came at Rs. 2800

My green bug

Hiking shoes from Quechua

These are my new shoes from Quechua. Aren’t they simply stunning. They are decent basic ones in wonderful color combination. They came at 800 Rs. Pretty decent eh? I checked for grip, how tight around the ankles they are and space for the toes. I tried it out at a trek and they turned out wonderful. They are a little heavy than the old shoes. But the old ones were only running shoes.

I realized that I need to buy a rain cover for my bag. In the previous trek, this bug got filled with rain water.

Next, looking to buy a sleeping bag and a jacket.

I also got a late birthday present by S. I had mentioned in passing that I need a sturdy watch for treks, something like sports watch. Ta-da! I got this.

My new G-shock

We have also bought rain jackets from Decathlon which proved very useful.

You can buy at Decathlon only if you have membership, to appy for which, your organization needs to be a partner. Or you should be from a sports group. Visit the store to know more.